Weapons seizure may be Victoria’s largest

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Thousands of knuckledusters and stun guns disguised as smart phones and torches have been found hidden among blankets imported from China.


The massive shipment of illegal weapons, thought to be the largest found in Victoria, has been seized by police and customs officers in a raid on a Melbourne tool shop.

The weapons, which included 5400 knuckle dusters, 790 stun guns and 100 extendable batons, were concealed in a shipment of blankets and other goods that arrived in Melbourne from China on April 25.

X-rays confirmed the weapons were hidden inside.

The stun guns were disguised as a range of products including smart phones and torches marked with the word “POLICE”.

It’s believed the weapons were to be sold under the counter at the shop in Thomastown.

Customs Victorian regional commander Graham Krisohos said the joint operation began two weeks ago when a member of the public came to Mill Park police station with a tip about the weapons cache.

“Off the top of my head, this would be the biggest seizure (of its type) in Victoria,” he told reporters.

Police Inspector Darren Franks said stun guns were turning up in drug searches in cars and had been used in some armed robberies.

“Victoria Police has started to pick up on the smart phones and torches appearing during traffic stops,” he said.

“We are unfortunately seeing a recurrence of these type of weapons on the street most recently.

“So from a Victoria Police perspective it is outstanding that we got this amount of weaponry off the street.”

The stun guns have a strength similar to Tasers used by Victoria Police, the inspector says.

There is no indication that outlaw motorcycle gangs or other criminal gangs are involved in importing the weapons.

A 43-year-old man is being questioned. He is not previously known to police.

Mr Krisohos said it is likely the man will be charged under the Customs Act with importing illegal weapons.

The maximum penalty for that offence is a $425,000 fine or 10 years in jail.

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